Sing sing

"This is not a place where you show fear. But I've seen it now more than ever before."
JB Nicholas was released from prison in 2003. Now, he's ready to go back, documenting the austere, putty-colored world of the state's correctional facilities through the lens of his camera.
The 22,000 square-foot museum would contain models of the original 7 foot-long, 3-foot wide cells.
Esposito had just appeared before the parole board.
David's original attorney resigned and he's now represented pro bono by Rita Dave, who says "this was just a complete utter mess-up, on every level."
In 2003, 20-year-old Rodney Williams was doing time at Sing Sing
A new law takes mercy on hobbled prison inmates who, for
Shelley Winters, the actress who typically played blowsy and loud women, died
VITALS I am a Professor of Criminal Justice at Pace University here
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