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Over the years, Felder has repeatedly stymied Democratic priorities, with votes against the New York Dream Act, speed cameras in school zones, and a ban on plastic bags, measures which finally passed this year.

State Senator Simcha Felder's chief of staff has been placed on leave following reports that he drunkenly groped and sexually harassed a woman at a Republican fundraiser last week.

Posters and op/eds published in Orthodox newspapers, as well as some reported to be posted in schools and sent home with yeshiva students, warned of the dangers of electing a liberal Democrat like Blake Morris.

If swaying voting behavior of the multifaceted and insular Orthodox community seems like a Sisyphean task, Morris says he can’t help himself: 'I was raised to believe that behind every no, there is a yes.'

Felder has blocked New York City’s plastic bag fee, the New York DREAM Act, and most recently the city’s school zone speed cameras.

A new lawsuit alleges that a powerful state senator has successfully and unconstitutionally forced the state to ease its oversight of yeshivas.

'There is no backup plan,' Golden later told Gothamist/WNYC. 'I'm hoping that between the governor and the Senate itself, I'm sure somehow we're going to wind up back in Albany shortly.'

The staff member then sent a conspiracy website link 'proving' the case that the tragic violence was a false flag, according to the baffled constituent.

Rather than save lives, cycling advocates see a mandatory helmet law as something that will only make decrease bike use and make streets less safe for cyclists.

And too late for would-be contenders who were reluctant to go up against an incumbent.