Silent barn

On the last night of Bushwick's Silent Barn, we spoke with some of the people who were involved in creating one of New York's most significant art and performance collectives.
People who can't go can still donate.
We have 14 people living upstairs who have moved out. There are two people who lost everything that they own."
Residents displaced and shows have been shuffled thanks to the damage.
There are only 90 available.
Bushwick's Silent Barn is getting in the festival game with a festival of games, taking place this weekend in the Catskills.
Good news, scuzzy indie rock fans: shuttered DIY space Silent Barn's coming back, and it's moving to Bushwick!
James Franco and Silent Barn have both launched Kickstarter campaigns. Who would you rather (financially support)?
The DIY space Silent Barn, on the Bushwick/Ridgewood border, was trashed and robbed over the weekend.
Silent Barn, the dirtiest venue in New York (unsubstantiated!), recently got a
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