A look at the changing signs of NYC's once-bustling streetscape.
"I've seen the neighborhood change since beatniks roamed the Earth."
At 84, the influential photographer known for his New York City streetscapes has come out with a new book devoted to images of signs.
An artist at RISD made these signs, but will they help?
Let us remember these inspiring signs the way they were in their prime, before their sad, public decline into common street trash.
So long and thanks for all the asbestos, Kentile Floors.
"I started last year, it took 20 hours just to ride all the trains and see all the stops in Manhattan."
Have you ever heard of Granville T. Woods Way, named after the man who invented the third rail?
At least four youths have come to the support of Miley Cyrus, holding signs in Union Square that read: "We must worship Miley Cyrus! Twerking is good!"
JetBlue's fancy new Queens headquarters is just missing one thing: a massive illuminated sign letting everyone for miles around know about JetBlue.
If only we were taking the train out of Ft. Hamilton Parkway today, we could have taken advantage of the, uh, "Free" subway! Nothing like a semi-legit looking sign to brighten up a straphanger's commute.
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.
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