Signal problems

According to the MTA, train speeds have recently increased at nearly 300 locations throughout the subway system due to ongoing work during the COVID-19 pandemic to fix and replace faulty signals.
Subway delays are hurting New Yorkers' wages, forcing people to miss medical and childcare appointments, and even leading some riders to lose their jobs.
The passengers had been in the stalled train for 10 minutes, according to the MTA.
'I could have been killed going to work!'
"You trust us to get you to where you need to be, and this morning, we failed to deliver."
Evergreen news: subway delayed.
The MTA's plan to fix its crumbling signal system is years behind schedule and desperately in need of further funding, according to a new report.
Let's look at the highlight reel.
'As an alternate customers are advised to [use] N and Q train service at Queensboro Plaza.'
One rider Tweeted, '10:38am: stuck in tunnel at Columbus circle going toward Times Sq for an hour. 1/2/3 Train signal down. Turning out to be a fun morning!'
Poor 7 train riders.
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