Ocean currents go viral with this human interest story.
No word on what's replacing it. Probably a soulless Duane Reade sign.
One company put a BECK sign in their windows, which overlooked last night's free Kanye concert.
A new $20 kit will fill your Kentile Floors void.
A Big Pun Place sign recently went up in the Bronx, and while it's not an official dedication, the sign was procured via the DOT's website.
The Eagle Clothes sign that's been a part of Brooklyn since the 1950s is being ripped out this week.
Please stop calling this Evil Genius number... it's just a nice old woman in Texas.
The firefighters stationed at East 85th Street has lost their firehouse kitten :(
Passive-agressive note about dog doo mostly just agressive, and threatening.
Someone is looking for Zuul!
Have you seen this sunglasses-smasher on the Upper West Side?
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