Around 28,500 people are enrolled in methadone clinics across the city.
'Cuomo is now standing farther to the right on this issue than a federal judge.'
The centers will be located inside current needle exchange facilities in Washington Heights, Midtown West, Longwood, and Park Slope.
"Sadly the reason this is happening right now is the scale of the problem. Overdose deaths continue to go up."
"The aesthetic is to be natural and really blend in, but also to stand out to those who know what it is and need to know what it is."
"It's the same thing as when the city started giving out free condoms. It didn't mean people would go out and start having sex, it meant that they were going to have sex with or without."
"It wasn't fair. They know that we don't have anywhere to stay. I know there was a lot of stuff going on in there, but people stay there for a reason."
"Most of the time, I do it in the street, under the bridge, on top of the bridge."
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