Sidewalk cafe

A dozen Sidewalk alum reflect on the unique community they built, what happens next, and the tiny room 'where everything happened.'
Changes may be in store for Sidewalk Cafe, the East Village mainstay famed for its long-running open mic, dirt cheap happy hour, and deep connections to the city's anti-folk scene.
This is like the War on Brunch but it's also the War on Lunch, Tapas and Dinner!
Fun-hating CB1 continues their quest to keep all of Williamsburg indoors and quiet.
We check out Sidewalk Cafe's snazzy new makeover.
While an out-of-business storefront with illegal ads plastered all over it
Brooklyn musician Michael Leviton and his girlfriend Leah Hayes have put their
Let's check in and see how our usual link-buddies are celebrating the
The first time we saw Jaymay performing her unique brand of folk
Today is a red letter day in the emerging field of, um,
It seems like every street in the East Village could benefit from
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