Present on NYC sidewalks, the invention has been crucial in making transportation more accessible.
A video shows the car scaling the sidewalk.
Turns out, people have Opinions about this very polarizing paint job. And you? Do you care?
The driver then ran a red light and T-boned another vehicle.
A Washington Heights woman was seriously injured after plunging her six feet into an abandoned underground vault below.
"I feel bad for how he got folded up. Hahaha it was ugly lol."
It's unclear if the punch led to his death.
The city makes millions each year renting sidewalk space to homeowners and businesses.
The cabbie was not behind the wheel when his taxi rolled forward onto the sidewalk, hitting two people.
A driver was arrested yesterday evening after jumping the curb and slamming into the front of a restaurant on the Upper West Side following a chase with police.
This is the gritty urban version of fording the river in Oregon Trail, only with less cholera.
Others on the sidewalk had shouted for the man to be careful, but he seem to didn't hear them.
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