Cameron McDermott is being held without bail.
"Our families and communities cannot wait," the Public Advocate said.
The hired assailant slashed a different 16-year-old girl by mistake.
Is a rogue former Shake Shack employee badmouthing the restaurant to 311? Or have standards slipped at the UES location?
A Bed-Stuy resident who recently returned from West Africa has been taken to a local hospital with Ebola-like symptoms.
Spencer noted that he has received "about 200 calls from reporters and 300 emails," but hasn't had an opportunity to respond yet: "When you have Ebola, not the best way to spend your time."
A doctor who returned from treating Ebola patients in Africa to NYC in recent weeks has been hospitalized with Ebola-like symptoms.
The sick passenger whose illness arose fears of Ebola and caused his plane to be quarantined at Newark Airport for several hours on Saturday has been cleared of Ebola.
A flight was quarantined at Newark Airport this afternoon after two passengers became sick, prompting unfounded fears of Ebola.
Today marks the first day of city-mandated sick leave laws.
Measles is fatal to 1 or 2 out of 1,000 children who come down with it.
Seven teens on a school trip from Virginia were hospitalized after showing signs of illness that may be caused by the dreaded norovirus.
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