"It was jumping around, enjoying the freedom and the fun."
Neither date rape nor Family Guy are funny.
Gray received a $132,500 settlement after an NYPD officer was found guilty of making a racially-charged false arrest, and sources say that is why he was targeted.
There is only one local legend who has continually delighted Staten Island residents through interpretive dance for the past several years: Joel Joseph, aka Joe The Dancing Guy of SI.
The borough hasn't had a brewery since the 1960s.
On the plus side the cost per passenger has actually been dropping since 2008 when it was $5.69!
A sit-down restaurant is coming to the Ferry Terminal on Staten Island.
Staten Island, the tourists aren't going to warm up to you if you keep shooting down the things the rest of the city is embracing!
Future generations may not get the opportunity to set sail on romantic waters on the Staten Island Ferry, because new boats proposed for the Ferry don't include any outdoor seating!
"Quite frankly, this borough is extremely lucky that this kind of project is under way," an executive behind the so-called New York Wheel declared.
One of the best cheap dates in town is going to get a little greener this year.
"No matter what anybody does, they don't deserve to die," a neighbor said of the reportedly infidelity-inspired murder. "But I could kind of understand."
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