In a school system whose total enrollment is 41% Latino, 26% Black, 16% Asian and 15% white, the specialized high schools have grown disproportionately Asian and white over the past years.
The Department of Education also announced the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) will be administered beginning January 27th.
'We may disagree on the test, but we all agree there's a problem with the system.'
'You know these are going to be tough conversations and it's going to really call on us to determine where do we land, where is our moral compass, understanding that some communities have very strong feelings about this.'
Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza called this an 'unacceptable status quo.'
Legal experts say that de Blasio could change admissions at five of the eight schools, but the mayor wants to wait for a state law
Protesters say the plan discriminates against Asian-Americans, while proponents of the plan say the schools discriminate against blacks and Latinos.
Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn has found another place to separate herself from her mentor Mayor Mike: high school exams.
"We’re not here about equal results. We’re here about equal opportunity," Bloomberg said.
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