Human trafficking victims are forced to labor in inhumane conditions to support America's shrimp consumption and support Thailand's $7 billion shrimp industry.
The Internet ruins another stoop shrimp dinner.
It's about to get a lot more difficult to scald lobsters to death in a boiling vat of liquid doom.
The spicy, funky flavors of Malaysia are exemplified in this simple recipe, served with nutty garlic greens on the side.
New York-based writer Meghan Keneally has been obsessed with the off-the-menu Grand Marnier Shrimp at Chin Chin for most of her life. Here's why.
Show your love for Louisiana—or at least its seafood—at this celebration of shrimp.
Enjoy your last day before the hurricane with a good old-fashioned shrimp boil!
The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues to wreak
Last week, after Rep. Edward J. Markey’s (D-Mass.) request, BP finally agreed
These grits are spicy, boldly flavored, creamy, meaty from the pork
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