Dreary days ahead.
But without tropical moisture the weekend is going to be mighty fine.
With a high of 85 yesterday was the first day in almost two weeks to be warmer than average.
The cooler weather is a result of a persistent trough in the jet stream over eastern North America the past couple of weeks.
This afternoon's high will be in the mid 80s with plenty of humidity.
Hot and muggy, steamy, sultry, sticky or humid. Take your pick!
Showers and thunderstorms are possible through about midnight tonight when a second cold front is expected to pass through the area.
The warm, humid, air mass that will be with us tomorrow is expected to become unstable as the day progresses.
We will have a mix of sun and clouds today because of a wobbly cold front that's been hanging out in the neighborhood.
Yesterday's high of 92 in Central Park surpassed the old record of 90 degrees set in 1936.
Showers, and possibly a thunderstorm, are possible on Thursday night as a slow moving cold front arrives.
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