Shopping cart

Hedges was nearly killed by a shopping cart while buying candy for needy children at the East River Plaza mall in Harlem.
The victim was a 61-year-old man.
Thirty-seven teams of shopping cart enthusiasts braved wet frozen feet to weave their way through Brooklyn in all the colorful, bizarre costumes we've come to expect from participants.
The teen says, "I feel sorry for her. I wish the cart never hit her."
"He’s finally going to get help...I thank God for that," the boy's mother reportedly sobbed after the sentencing.
The tweens were given slaps on the wrist, largely because Hedges said she "bears no ill will" to them. But her husband does bear some ill will to the shopping center where the incident occurred.
Victim Sagne Ibrahima Two men remain hospitalized after being injured by
"I just ran in, grabbed his hand, tried to comfort him as much as I can, but the second one was not conscious at all."
The victim, who suffered brain damage, apparently just wants people to be more concerned about underprivileged youth.
The second boy who tossed a cart four stories, landing on a woman and sending her into a medically induced coma, pleaded guilty.
One of the two tweens charged with tossing a shopping cart from the East Harlem Target has changed his tune.
“It’s a terrible, terrible thing. I really hope she recuperates. I really, really feel for her and her children,” the mother for one of the accused shopping cart tossing tweens told reporters.
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