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"It was madness. There were twice as many people as you would usually expect. Tensions were high. People were wearing masks."

Instead of fighting through crowds of tourists at hastily constructed outdoor malls, check out some of the city's best independent holiday markets. Some even let you drink!

Men who go to Thompson Chemists can expect to pay seven percent more than women.

During the melee, the Easter Bunny's victim was bitten so severely on one of his fingers that he needed 14 stitches.

Learn what it means to #LiveAuthentic with this carefully curated selection of Williamsburg boutique treasures.

"I did get pushed or shoved about 90 times walking through stores today."

The Macy's display is pretty far out, and Baz Luhrmann's displays for Barneys are also very cool.

Yes, some people have been shopping since 6 p.m. last night.

Take advantage of Black Friday deals at some big and small stores.