The suspect allegedly absconded with 36 cans of the 'meanest energy drink on the planet.'
But an attorney for the boutique says the customers in question were playing 'the race card.'
Even the very wealthy don't want to pay full freight at Whole Foods.
He says he didn't find out until a jail chaplain paid his bail.
A coop investigation revealed a year of serial shoplifting, according to a store administrator.
She is still hospitalized.
Police say they've arrested the man who stole two books worth over $20,000 from an Upper East Side bookstore. But who is he, really???
The robbery took place at Urban Jungle.
The books were stolen right around the time that the Republican primary fell into Donald Trump's grasp.
Cuomo said, "This kind of situation is the reason that I signed Executive Order 147 last month, because the justice system must have the trust of our communities."
"Watch the black and Hispanic people to catch more cases."
When store employees confronted the man, police say he "displayed hypodermic needles from his pocket and stated he had HIV."
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