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He has yet to be arraigned on federal bombing and weapons of mass destruction charges.

Injured in a shootout, he could be arraigned from a hospital bed.

Four men have been arrested, but one suspect remains at large.

"Part of the back of his head was missing. He had a large head wound and there was tons of blood,” witness John Brecevich said of the victim.

An NYPD officer who was shot during a foot pursuit on the Lower East Side was saved by his gun belt early this morning.

The suspect's girlfriend's daughter identified him as her shooter.

"I’ve lived here 17 years and nothing like this has ever happened. This is insane," a witness said of a shootout on Saturday which left one dead and one in critical condition.

Two plainclothes cops foiled a would-be robber at a 3 a.m. stickup in a Staten Island diner.

Flickr user Rachel Pincus If you were stuck in your car

Outside the auto shop (WABC 7) More details have emerged about