Prosecutors allege that Daskal took the girl in when she was 15 years old, grooming her for an abusive relationship.
A hit-and-run driver plowed into a woman in Williamsburg on Wednesday, sending her flying through the air and breaking several bones in a crash that was caught on horrifying video.
A member of Brooklyn's Hasidic community was arrested for allegedly blocking traffic during an unauthorized religious procession through Borough Park on Sunday evening.
The victim said the alleged abuse occurred last year.
The NYPD will also be deploying their "Hercules" patrols, or heavily armed counterterrorism units, to make unannounced visits at synagogues across the city.
A federal judge ruled that Taj Patterson didn't have enough evidence to show the NYPD showed favoritism to the Shomrim after they attacked him in 2013.
His lawyer argues he was convicted with bunk DNA evidence to protect a politically connected neighborhood patrol.
Lichtenstein paid officers in the NYPD's Licensing Division up to $1,000 per illicit gun license that they approved for his clients.
"We think the DNA evidence was completely and totally flawed," his lawyer said in court Thursday.
He reportedly has ties to a neighborhood patrol officer accused of bribing cops for gun licenses.
An ultra-Orthodox man charged in a gang assault of a gay black man in 2013, that left him blind in one eye, has been found guilty and faces 15 years in prison.
"They threw me to the ground, dragged me on my knees, told me to 'stay on the ground you f---ing f----t.'"
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