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The opening lasted four hours, and the artist was swarmed by fans the entire time.

We spotted artist Shepard Fairey in DUMBO yesterday near the York Street F stop putting up a new mural, and he took a break to chat with us.

Photographic evidence of Shepard Fairey doing his own work! Take that, TMZ.

Just weeks after he exploded at his wife for outing that he doesn't put up his own pieces, Shepard Fairey was spotted today on Prince Street... not putting up his own piece.

Shepard Fairey's wife recently told the rolling cameras that her husband basically stopped doing any of the manual labor a long time ago. His reaction was to freak out.

A teeny tiny piece of the Shepard Fairey wall that went

This morning, the TWIST-Barry McGee wall on Houston Street was covered up

Seems like Shepard Fairey's mural just came down on Houston Street—little did