NYPD officials have cleared more than 300 encampments, but at last count just five people had been relocated into shelters.
After a months-long battle, a court has ruled that the city can move homeless men out of a hotel on the Upper West Side.
The city is also moving shelter residents from a hotel in Long Island City.
A rare form of dementia appears to have sent Deven Black into a horrible downward spiral.
Many insisted that they are anti-saturation, not anti-shelter.
Wednesday night marked the second meeting in as many weeks about Bergen House: a new shelter for roughly 100 senior men ages 62 and older slated to open later this month.
One attorney said proposed legislation would "provide the NIMBY crowd with tools that they can use."
One went into cardiac arrest, while the second was allegedly strangled by her mother.
They've reportedly sold the building to a charitable organization.
DHS is moving 30 adult men into the disputed Holiday Inn Express this week, has tabled plan to convert entire hotel into shelter.
"This is so political it's almost laughable."
She is currently in stable condition; her mother and two siblings are dead while the suspect remains at large.
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