Sheldon silver

The denial of home confinement marks the latest twist in Silver's dramatic legal saga.
The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District opposed Silver's release.
Silver, the former powerful NY Assembly Speaker, is serving a sentence for corruption.
The disgraced former Assembly speaker was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison.
The 75-year-old has managed to elude prison, having been allowed to go free on bail pending his appeal.
In the retrial of his public corruption case, he was found guilty again.
Squadron made his decision long after the petitioning process for candidates to get on the ballot ended in June, so there will be no open primary for his seat.
Federal appeals judges have overturned the 2015 conviction of former Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver on corruption charges.
She beat Silver's anointed heir.
Like Dean Skelos, Sheldon Silver can remain free while he appeals his corruption convictions.
After a judge ruled that the Skeloses can stay out of jail during their public corruption appeal, Sheldon Silver is asking "Why not me?"
This, in a year when two top lawmakers were convicted of corruption.
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