This is no way to get some sheep thrills.
St. Patrick's sheep will be in town for six weeks.
One little guy who was on the lamb and possibly three sheep to the wind did just that today.
Well, there's a good news/bad news coda to yesterday's "Sheep Escapes Brooklyn Butcher, Gets 'Rescued' By Artist, Will Die Tomorrow" story.
The sheep will be killed tomorrow, but don't be sad, it's all for religion.
Sheep in a gas station? Now we've seen everything!
Their names are Arthur and Brooklyn.
There really used to be sheep in the Sheep Meadow in Central Park.
PETA protesters crashed Bryant Park's "Wool Uncovered" day, part of a "Campaign for Wool" sponsored by the Prince of Wales that brought a small herd of adorable sheep to the park's lawn.
Everywhere that Dalmatian went, Lamb was sure to go.
Original photo via NYC♥NYC on Flickr On Tuesday morning, 22-year-old Taylor
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