Shea stadium

A bill poised to pass later this afternoon would give the mayor two months to appoint a Director of Nightlife, who will oversee the newly established Office of Nightlife.
The bad news is this is it for Shea Stadium. The good news is that you can see 31 comedy acts for just $5.
Shea Stadium's landlords allegedly informed them they want to open their own nightclub at the location.
The team behind the DIY venue announced a Kickstarter this morning, to help them renovate, get up to code and get the permits necessary to stay open.
The team behind the venue promised it would reopen though.
"He's the only candidate that when he opens his mouth to say something, my first thought isn't immediately bullshit or that he's reading a script that's been written for him by lobbyists and corporations."
You can hear bands any night of the week without having to feel like a sardine in Midtown. Here are the best places to do that.
You knew he'd want some of that New York Cred back soon enough.
It can be easy to forget that long before super heroes took over Hollywood they weren't always so serious -- especially when they left the comics for the real world. Thank goodness the interwebs never forget.
The long legal saga of the 300-pound Mets fan who fell
Flickr user metz_ztem Amid complaints that Citi Field was overrun with
A man hired to prevent looters from ransacking Shea Stadium while
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