Shark week

It's the first shark nursery to be found in the North Atlantic.
Ha, strong man vs water bottle.
Take a bite out of Shark Week before it ends tomorrow—here's where to watch, and other shark-related things to do.
Here are some things to do this weekend, starting with an Olympics-themed Hester Street Fair.
"Now we're like, 'It's Shark Week' for real!"
How's your Shark Week going, guys?
MexiQ will be serving tacos containing "grilled bull shark, avocado, and guajillo orange salsa" along with a "Great 'Witte' Beer Flight," in celebration of Shark Week.
SNL's Andy Samberg has been made Shark Week's Chief Shark Officer this year. Tune in next month!
It's shark season! The first reported spotting of the summer happened at
If you were looking at the Gothamist Newsmap, you might have
The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, also
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