"They saw a fin in the water," a regional director of the State Parks Department said.
Lifeguards spotted another shark in Lido Beach.
“Most of the time they’re harmless. But freak things happen sometimes.”
Several Long Island beaches are closed after yet another shark was spotted off the coast of Jones Beach — believed to be the fourth sighting in the last 24 hours.
The aquatic wonder named "Miss May" was said to be swimming on Wednesday morning roughly 15 miles off the the coast between Ocean City and Sea Isle.
The Good Time Boys were in for a shocker this past Monday when they had a ONCE IN A LIFETIME encounter with a shark whose name is definitely Chompy the Shark.
'It was sad and gross at the same time,' one shark witness recalled.
Both the Riverhead Foundation and NY State Department of Environmental Conservation both believe it to be a dogfish
According to the state Department of Environmental Conservation, the tooth fragment removed from 13-year-old Matthew Donaldson's leg is consistent with a shark.
"People were yelling at the head lifeguard to toss it back in," a witness told Gothamist about a shark that beached itself on Coney Island.
Mary Lee the Great White was spotted in Cape May, as was newer shark Cisco.
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