Sharing economy

Airbnb framed the legislation as an attack on the city's middle class.
In response, the startup continues to defend the middle class.
55% of Airbnb's users are renting out their entire apartments while they're gone, rather than a single room when they're present, which for most residents is a violation of state law.
But that doesn't mean it's shying away from lower Manhattan.
Millennials—what won't they pay too much for?
"If we ultimately believe there needs to be a cap or some type of additional regulation we'll do that."
Instead, Uber has agreed to submit to a four month traffic study.
"If you are found avoiding busy areas, you will not be eligible for the [$5,000] guarantee."
Both Comptroller Scott Stringer and Brooklyn BP Eric Adams are now pro-Uber.
The City Council could vote on the Uber cap as soon Thursday.
"'Jobs' is a funny term," Joshi said. "Jobs I associate with healthcare, vacation time, and pensions."
How many pullquotes shall be sacrificed before someone wins this war?
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