Shakespeare in the park

'Richard III' and 'As You Like It' will be staged at the Delacorte this summer.
Actor Sam Waterston, who has been named a "Living Legend" by the NY Landmarks Conservancy, testified on behalf of the theater.
"After being dark in 2020, it just felt like what we needed to do was find a way to be able to accomplish as many of our core goals for our project as possible while losing as few performances as possible."
The Central Park production, based on "Merry Wives of Windsor," will be set in Harlem.
1991, Othello: “The end of the first scene, Iago, Chris Walken, has his soliloquy and a raccoon just walked right across, shared the stage with him!”
"By the way, this is going to be in the press and it'll be horrible."
Before Trump-as-Caesar, another right-wing assault on Shakespeare in the Park almost killed the festival before it could become the institution that it is today.
"Protesters, this is New York City. All you did by running on stage was give them an anecdote to tell at their fancy liberal cocktail parties!"
She yelled, 'You cannot promote this kind of violence against Donald Trump!'
The Public Theatre's Julius Caesar opened last night amid ongoing controversy surrounding the title character's Trump-like depiction, and hours after a third sponsor, American Express, distanced itself from the production.
The Public Theater is standing by its now-controversial production of Julius Caesar, which has come under scrutiny for the Trump-like resemblance of the title character.
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