Sexual violence

Jose Reyes was arrested Sunday afternoon, according to the NYPD.
The Chilean-French director said that he raped an actress while filming a disturbing scene in his film El Topo.
The video is titled "Cameras Don't Lie."
Happy Ending was confident there is "a 90 percent chance" that an alleged bathroom rape "was consensual behavior."
"I just felt like the entire time I had to keep retelling my story to a dude who didn't even care."
"Because when you let a person get away with it once, do you know what happens? They do it again."
Columbia University students angered by the school's handling of sexual assault cases left a pointed message for anyone who happened to pass Low Memorial Library last night.
The lists purport to hold the names of 'Sexual Assault violators' and 'Rapists on campus.'
The White House released a list of 55 schools under investigation for violating federal law.
23 students claim Columbia's administration violated Title IX, Title II, and the Clery Act by failing to adequately address allegations of rape and sexual assault.
Columbia University has in the past been accused of mishandling sexual assault cases, but things are different now. To reward itself for doing such a wonderful job, Columbia went ahead and bought itself a cake.
According to a new study published in the journal Pediatrics, about
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