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Ibrahim Khan said his departure was not related to the allegations which he denies.

One new law ends a carveout that exempted certain staffers of elected and appointed government officials from the protections of anti-sexual harassment legislation passed in 2019.

The former New York governor had been facing a misdemeanor forcible touching complaint. But a clash between the Albany County district attorney and sheriff seems to have led to its demise.

The report is expected to cover Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes and the potential misuse of state resources, among other subjects.

Cuomo's lawyer complained the governor was "ambushed" by the probe into sexual harassment charges against him.

“I am shocked, I am heart-sickened," says Hazel Dukes, head of the local NAACP.

The blistering report supporting claims of sexual harassment by the governor has pushed once-reluctant politicians towards action.

During Cuomo's remarks, a video slideshow played that showed him touching and kissing various people at public events.

"Celebrity and fame does not absolve someone from following the law," New York Attorney General Letitia James said.