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The admitted sexter of children looks forward to "a life of integrity and service."

"I like my little Irish peepee," Salinas allegedly texted her. "He is cute and [at] least he is not an ugly peepee."

Can you handle this much Weiner Danger?

Huma Abedin picked a rough day to return to Washington: The National Enquirer published photos of Weiner in bra and pantyhose, and sext friend Ginger Lee said Weiner asked her to lie about their communications.

In case reading Rep. Anthony Weiner's various explicit online messages as haikus wasn't bizarre enough, last night, for his HBO program Real Time, Bill Maher staged a dramatic reading of the Congressman's raunchy sexts.

In which we troll Anthony Weiner's salacious sexts and Facebook messages, and discover their zen-like value in haiku form.

This morning, porn star Joslyn James offered up many of the