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Moments prior to the sentencing, Weiner delivered an emotional statement to the courtroom, in which he identified himself as an "addict" and apologized to the victim.

"With full knowledge that he was communicating with a real 15-year-old girl, the defendant asked her to engage in sexually explicit conduct."

Weiner's attorneys argued that the former member of Congress was actually the victim of a predatory teen and should therefore get probation.

Weiner and Abedin have been married for nearly 7 years.

Weiner has not been seen at his NYC apartment in weeks. He is reportedly in Florida.

Anthony Weiner's alleged sexts to a North Carolina teen might be looked at by a federal grand jury by the end of the month.

Weiner allegedly used various messaging apps to exchange lewd messages and photos with an unidentified teen.

"If the reports are true, it's possibly criminal and it is sick," said Gov. Cuomo.

Anthony Weiner allegedly sexted with a 15-year-old girl for months via various social media messaging services, exchanging nude photos and graphic sexual fantasies.