Sex work

The Sex Workers' Pop-Up exhibition runs through March 16th.
As referrals to city 'diversion courts' wane, outreach workers scramble to find new ways to connect sex workers to needed services.
'Sex workers like any other workers should be organizing as a collective and creating demands, because nobody understands the industry better than workers themselves.'
Currently, only prostitution charges can be vacated, leaving trafficked sex workers with criminal records that can bar them from employment and housing.
'These recurring incidents point to not only a culture of corruption and misconduct, but a consistent exploitation, endangerment, and victimization of sex workers by the NYPD.'
Councilman Peter Koo and the NYPD hosted a packed event in Flushing, where they sought to educate audience members about how to recognize sex trafficking in various forms and report it to the police.
Today, advocates and lawmakers are beginning a new campaign to decriminalize sex work in New York.
A Queens state Senator has introduced new legislation that would require the city's massage parlors to register with the Department of State, which he says would help shutter establishments that also sell sex.
"Please don't justify arrests by saying we're helping people," one advocate said.
One victim provided police with a sample of his semen.
The CEO is still facing prostitution and money laundering charges.
He was fired last month for failing a drug test.
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