Sex trafficking

Peter Nygard's Times Square offices were raided by federal agents and NYPD in February.
The FBI and NYPD were spotted at the offices of Peter Nygard's fashion company Tuesday.
The Virgin Islands attorney general alleges that Epstein trafficked, raped, and abused hundreds of girls by promising them and their families modeling opportunities, school and healthcare.
Victims' advocates argue that, however well-intended these trainings may be in theory, they may reinforce stereotyping and escalate racial profiling.
With the possibility of prosecuting Jeffrey Epstein taken off the table following his death, some of the convicted sex offender's alleged victims are turning their attention to Epstein's rumored enabler: Ghislaine Maxwell.
Epstein was facing federal sex trafficking charges, after being accused of preying upon underage girls for years.
Thousands of pages of newly unsealed court documents reveal lurid details of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking of underaged girls.
There are a number of theories about why Epstein was found injured, from an assault to a suicide attempt.
'I doubt that any bail package can overcome danger to the community,' the judge ruled.
Prosecutors say their case is "already significantly stronger" than when they indicted the mega-rich financier last week, "and getting stronger every single day."
A professor writing a book about Epstein also believes the financier built his worth through blackmail.
Also: Epstein's little black book included 14 Trump numbers.
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