Sex toys

Dame says this is a "huge milestone... not just because it marks the end of the lawsuit, but because of what it means for the perception of pleasure, specifically women’s sexual pleasure, as part of the wellness conversation."
'Masturbation is a great metaphor for the latest wave of development in New York City.'
Lovehoney is offering a slew of Broad City-branded wares, including a 'Yas Kween' bullet, a 'Man on a Mission' masturbation egg.
For your last minute stocking stuffing needs.
They also allege cops broke a number of their possessions and swiped $680 in cash.
How do you get people to pay attention to gun safety issues? Dildos, dude.
There's a dildo in my bike lane! Brooklyn's Babeland is delivering sex toys via bike.
Photo by Jen Carlson/Gothamist While the prudes in Sheepshead Bay may
Photo by Jason Kuffer A Murray Hill gynecologist just managed to
December Martin is suing publishing house McGraw-Hill on sexual harassment charges, claiming
No wonder the pent-up Park Slope parents don't want to pay
This week's New York Magazine has a sprawling piece on the
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