Sex tape

A Coney Island high school teacher has been accused of making a sex tape with a student.
He allegedly titled a video of him having sex with an Indian woman 'India Research.'
The girlfriend didn't know she was being filmed.
Felicia Garcia, the Totenville High teen who threw herself in front of a Staten Island train last week, was allegedly bullied after having sex with multiple members of her school's football team.
Another Marilyn Monroe sex film has surfaced—though some say it's not Marilyn at all. Watch it here and decide for yourself!
Franco, in a wig, at Sundance There's a reason why we
Earlier this week the estranged young wife of an investment banker
Rielle Hunter, John Edwards's baby momma, onetime lover and sex tape
Apparently it's "John Edwards-Rielle Hunter" Day. Besides Hunter's extensive interview with
A Florida woman, Lastonia Leviston, has sued rapper 50 Cent in
It's like a scene out of Gossip Girl: B and her
Has a Sex and the City star been caught doing the dirty
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