Sex offender

Epstein was facing federal sex trafficking charges, after being accused of preying upon underage girls for years.
There are a number of theories about why Epstein was found injured, from an assault to a suicide attempt.
As many questions as we can answer about the ultra-rich sex offender, answered.
The admitted sexter of children looks forward to "a life of integrity and service."
In consultation with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, the judge determined Weiner should receive the Level 1 sex offender status.
Apparently past victims have been contacting the police.
He pleaded guilty to kidnapping, among other things.
"He doesn’t need help," the mom said. "Nothing is wrong with him."
Houshang Hakimi was arrested yesterday and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and failing to report a change of address as a registered sex offender.
He reportedly told police he was fixing his pants at the time.
Councilmember Robert Jackson said, "I have nothing to hide. My work in the Dominican Republic speaks for itself."
Matthew Matagrano was arrested last night for impersonating a Corrections officer in order to sneak onto Rikers Island this week. And officials believe he had access for at least a week.
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