Sex ed

Sex Ed in New York City's middle and high schools is way behind where it should be, so teens learn about sex from each other.
The City has rented space from the diocese and archdiocese since 2005, and will pay more than $27 million in rent for 40 different public schools that use Church property.
Oh, teenage girls, we knew you were crazy, but this is just dumb.
A group called NYC Parents Choice wants to be able to offer their children an abstinence-only education that "leaves out explicit lessons entirely."
The DOE will require a semester of sex education in sixth or seventh grades and another in the first two years of high school.
Some alarming new numbers are coming out of the Health Department these days.
A new study from the International Planned Parenthood Federation highlights a scary failure to provide young people with sexual health information and services.
Ugh—a right-wing group claims that the city's sex-ed mandate will turn all children into bestiality-loving freaks.
Earlier this year, the city quietly cut funding for free STD testing, leaving private health care providers with an influx of patients who oftentimes can't pay.
Unsurprisingly, the Church was against teaching kids about condoms, but parents seem pretty psyched about it.
The city will requite middle and high schoolers to learn how to put on a condom, amongst other lessons, as part of Bloomberg's initiative to improve the quality of life for minority teens.
A Staten Island sex education teacher who sued the city after
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