Sex cult

Raniere had been found guilty of racketeering, sex trafficking, and several other crimes that included child pornography, forced labor conspiracy, identity theft, wire fraud, and obstruction of justice.
"They should probably say that before they're held down, so it doesn't seem like they're being coerced."
Mark Vicente is the latest to testify against Keith Raniere, leader of the supposed self-help organization.
"Everything was just lies and deceit and darkness."
Allison Mack may also testify in a trial where the jury will hear about alleged cult leader Keith Raniere's habit of treating abortion like standard birth control.
Keith Raniere's last two co-defendants pleaded guilty on Friday, leaving the alleged sex cult leader to stand trial alone.
On Wednesday, the sex cult's co-founder pleaded guilty to racketeering, while its leader—Keith Raniere—was hit with a fresh round of damning charges.
In a plea to get Keith Raniere's charges dismissed, his lawyer argues that all that forced sex amounted to "manifestations of each member's commitment" to Nxivm.
Nancy Salzman stashed over half a million dollars in bags and shoeboxes around her house, an alleged site of some of Nxivm's abuses.
Seagram's heiress and alleged sex cult benefactor Clare Bronfman would like a little latitude in her current home confinement, and has requested that a Brooklyn judge let her visit Manhattan while she awaits trial.
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