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Sarah Jessica Parker will play a realistic absentee landlord by giving you a "virtual greeting," then she will throw in "a narration reminiscent of each episode’s thought-provoking intro."

“The Sex and the City family has lost one of its own. Our amazing Willie Garson,” said SATC creator Michael Patrick King.

If the Manolo Blahnik fits, then wear it on your feet, which are connected to your leg.

While it's true that the New York these SATC women live in is ridiculous, there are still moments that cleverly capture city life. Here are our favorites.

If we're still living in a world where women are defined by which Sex and the City character they best represent, then Cynthia Nixon is definitely not a Carrie.

You will get to see the the glamorous teen years of everyone's favorite Sex and The City character who writes for a living and invests all her money in designer shoes.