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Like hearing the Fine Young Cannibals on repeat while waiting on a bathroom line, these cabbies will drive you crazy.

The tours will tackle what it was like to bone in 80-square-foot spaces, much of which was shared with children, other family members, and strangers.

The Health Department will use hottt pieces of fruit to tell kids to get tested.

Time Square might be Disneyfied, the city's not de-sexed just yet.

Water conservation is not sexy, but exposing your belly while floating away from this dumpster fire of a country is sexy.

Experts are attributing a number of things to this decline in Young People Sexy Time.

"On Truvada, I’m like, super excited to hook up with this friend of a friend on Facebook because I know he’s also on Truvada, so... we get to do all the stuff that always seemed taboo."

Gabi Grecko says she was hired to have sex with two cops and three other men while onboard a flight to Vegas in 2013.

"When you see somebody on someone's lap bouncing up and down and the jets aren't turned on, you know what's happening."

Apparently men are biologically prone to overeat to impress women.