The neighborhood is not connected to the city's sewage system. A visit by local officials this week may portend some new investment, but residents are skeptical.
“I’ve been out on the harbor every week for ten years and I’ve never seen anything like that.”
About a year ago, dozens of homes were flooded with sewage after a pipe collapsed.
Originally, the DEP strongly implied that homeowners and their cooking habits were at fault.
Dozens of homes were filled with raw sewage on Saturday.
Up to 300 homes could have been flooded from a sewer backup in a Queens neighborhood over the weekend.
'Suddenly a WAVE of what appeared to be (and smelled like) sewage came gushing out of the elevator shaft, splashing some poor tourist family in the process.'
Susan Haar is seeking $2 million in damages from Sexy Boutique.
This phase of work is supposed to wrap up this year, but the larger cleanup could take into the 2040s.
"This was old-school style dumping: right into the water."
Thanks New York Times!
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