NYC officials have millions of dollars from legal settlements that they can immediately spend to fight the opioid crisis. But they have not revealed any detailed plans, even as local nonprofits struggle for funding.
Advocates for overdose prevention have some suggestions.
“Every student deserves to feel safe, welcomed, and affirmed in their school and there is zero tolerance for sexual and gender-based harassment of any kind at the DOE."
If approved by a judge, the settlement would expand services to youth experiencing homelessness.
Remember when Equifax fell prey to one of the largest cyber-security hacks in history, putting more than 147 million consumers’ personal data at risk?
Earlier talks for a settlement had centered around a $90 million figure.
Rolando Perez died in solitary confinement after being denied medication.
Browder was arrested in 2010 after he was accused of stealing a man's backpack, and spent three years waiting for a trial to prove his innocence.
"This is crap, and you know it," O'Reilly told the NY Times.
To the tune of $5 million.
Many New Yorkers who attempted to lower their utility bills, only to get scammed by a deceptive energy service company, are now eligible for some settlement money.
A plainclothes cop shot the bystander in Mount Vernon in 2015 during a sting gone wrong.
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