Sets and the city profile

Philly band Human Television is often described as jangly. Jangly nostalgic
The Harlem Shakes are young, but their influences seem to cover
Do you remember rock n' roll? Not the synthy 80's stuff
A sextet from Montreal the Dears create a new sound through
People seem to describe bands by listing off names of other
If the Beatles conceived a lovechild with The Kinks while Pet
[Photo by Couirey Eckmayer] Morning Theft, fresh off the bus from
Gothamist first saw Gym Class back in August at Pianos. We
This week Gothamist is particularly excited about a performance a bit
When The Fresh isn't playing some hip venue in the Silver
Vermont...what have you done for us lately? Actually (and beyond Ben
Canadians and their homeland have become pretty hot over the past
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