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Dr. Fauci had particularly pointed advice for younger people who have been cavalier about the spread of the virus.

“Seriously, I would watch an entire after-school special with an undercover Andrew Cuomo posing as a teen skateboarder, trying to bust kids for hanging out in the park.”

Colbert's show last night before a mostly empty audience was a little unsettling and a lot of silly, and both reflected the nation's mood and helped lighten it, if only for a few minutes.

"I didn't realize that Griff Banks would essentially become President of the United States."

In case you've forgotten, Jon Bovi are a Bon Jovi Opposite Band, who have such exquisitely silly hits such as 'You Give Hate A Good Name' and 'Dyin’ on a Prayer.'

'It is so rare that you can see black people and white supremacists betrayed in the exact same moment.'

Awkwafina will host October 6th with musical guest Travis Scott, followed by Seth Meyers hosting October 13th with musical guest Paul Simon.

"Litigations happen all the time, a lot of them are nonsense and you pay some small amount to make them go away. $32 million is a different story."