Service cuts

"The flipside is people are getting much less sick, and so many fewer hospitalizations, and people are coming back to work more quickly," MTA acting chairman Janno Lieber said.
However, the service restoration will only arrive on March 29th.
What is going on? The MTA restoring services? Did hell freeze over?
Now don't start dancing in the streets just yet, but maybe good news everybody!
This July the MTA is planning on cutting service on 12 bus lines in four boroughs... but it isn't all bad news!
A recent report co-authored by an MTA researcher shows bus service on Fridays between noon and 3 p.m. experiences a "mini-surge," but drops off later in the evening for a 5% total dip in customers.
You know, like Subway Sundays, when the trains run significantly less than they're supposed to.
Bah humbug. In a 7-2 vote yesterday the MTA finance committee voted yesterday not to restore services cut last year. "It would just be suicidal," explained the acting chairman and head of the finance committee.
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