Serial robber

At least seven taxi drivers have been robbed this summer by a man whose M.O. is pretty simple.
He's allegedly approaching his victims from behind.
In three of four robberies, the suspect has punched the female victims in their faces.
One victim said, "He had this rage in his eyes, this rage like he hit with all he got."
He has shown a gun or knife in each incident.
He's used a knife or razor to attack victims.
He's struck six different times across four different banks.
The video also shows an accomplice.
The suspect displays a knife and then demands money, according to police.
Cops are looking for a serial robber who has been targeting elderly and middle-aged ladies in the Bronx this month.
The day after Sandy, the robber held up a Subway Restaurant on Fulton!
The suspect usually displays a firearm or says he has one during the robberies.
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