Serial rapist

The suspect would chat up the victims before attacking them.
The attempted rape victim of a suspected serial rapist described the traumatic experience: “He looked right at me. He looked crazy...I kept saying, ‘Let me go!’ I fought for my life.”
You can see the alleged rape suspect place a sharp object to the victims back and put her in a choke hold—police say he then pulled her behind a home and attempted to rape her.
"We have some videos that show victims being approached," Commissioner Kelly tells the Post. "We're asking people perhaps they recognize a trait or walk on an individual."
Police have released a third sketch of a man who they are seeking in a torrent of sexual assaults that have occurred in Park Slope, Sunset Park, and Bay ridge since April of this year.
"We're constantly looking for the perpetrator and we try to keep the pressure on," the Community Affairs Officer tells the paper.
Police are questioning a man who was the target of a citywide manhunt in connection with a series of attempted rapes and one alleged rape in Sunset Park and Park Slope.
News of the serial rapist who has apparently attacked three women
Police have released a sketch of a man believed to be
Rape victim Ashley Yesterday, it was reported that admitted rapist Tony
Tony Simmons A former Manhattan court juvenile counselor who pleaded guilty
A man found guilty of multiple rapes and robberies in Brownsville
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