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The suspect lives a block away from a 1 train station in the Bronx.

According to an NYPD release, all of the assaults occurred between 7 a.m. and 9:30 a.m..

Yesterday, a Manhattan judge handed a man accused of groping and attacking women the maximum sentence of 25 years to life, stemming from an assault on a woman at her Lower East Side apartment in 2008.

Last summer, women across the Upper East Side were terrorized by the specter of a pint-sized man dubbed The Upper East Side Groper—today, 18-year-old Jose Perez Hernandez was convicted of sex abuse and burglary.

Police are investigating whether a woman who was sexually assaulted last night near Central Park West and W 67 Street was the victim of the Upper East Side groper. Could that mean the groper is...evolving?

This weekend, the Upper East Side serial groper who has been terrorizing women for the past seven months struck twice.

We've just received a report that a female victim has been sexually assaulted by a man at Lexington Avenue and E 59th Street, whose description matches that of the notorious Upper East Side groper.

Police officially ruled out the Central Park groper as the elusive serial Upper East Side groper, but they may have caught a break in the case when they captured the pint-sized suspect on surveillance camera.

With record breaking heat broiling the city, The Summer Of The Groper continued today: police arrested a suspect who allegedly groped a female jogger in Central Park early this morning.

"I could help someone else not get hurt, but the police won't listen to my information. What if someone gets murdered by this guy, or gets raped by this guy? It's disturbing me."