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The way that New Yorkers see the tragedy from year to year has continued to evolve.

The graphic aired during the 6th inning of the nationally televised game, and also featured the logo for Fox’s “Baseball Night in America.”

The contrasting responses speak to how the human brain seeks out unity—and the influence of leadership over that desire.

20 years ago, Gulnara Samoilova was a staff photographer for the Associated Press, and on September 11th, 2001 was working at the corner of Fulton and Church streets when the attacks occurrred.

Donald Trump didn't show up in Manhattan today, sending Pence in his stead.

Former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden will attend the 9/11 Memorial Museum Ceremony while Vice President Mike Pence will attend the Tunnel to Towers ceremony.

"You can’t protect kids from what they’re going to come across. It seemed to me there was an opportunity to put something out there that is age-appropriate and not too scary..."

The tribute produces two vertical columns of light meant to signify the Twin Towers rising high above the Manhattan skyline.

The lights will appears around sunset and then fade into the morning.

The Tribute in Light was first illuminated on March 11, 2002, to mark the six-month anniversary.